Fetch Retrieval Tool

Fetch - The Best Way To Find Information In ALERE!


No matter what you are trying to find - a customer purchase order, the phone number for a contact, a check number, or a red bicycle - Fetch will do the job quickly and easily!

Fetch is always at the ready! All you have to do isFetch Movie enter what you want to find and click on a link!

As you type, a drop down window displays similar fetches that can be selected!

Fetch remembers the last link you used so you can just enter another item and hit the Enter button!

Type in an order number and select the "Order by Document" link under sales. Fetch knows the difference between sales orders, credit memos, return orders, quotes, blanket order, and recurring orders. The right document will be retrieved.

Use text to search descriptions in inventory. Enter "Men Red Bike" and select the "by Description" link under Inventory and a list of all inventory items with those words is displayed!

Right click on the Fetch screen and you can set and save preferences for how it operates!

With Fetch you never have to exit the work you are doing to look something up or even open another module or screen! It is always ready to use!

Fetch is waiting to play; retrieving information has never been easier!

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Last modified June 13, 2016