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Keeping an eye on the future is what we have done for thirty years. We continue to do so.


ALERE Accounting has a broad range and depth of features that make it extremely appealing to a wide variety of businesses. Since day-to-day processes are important to running your company, the design of ALERE has focused on making them as easy as possible.

Take for example, period closings. In ALERE they are automatic which takes the pressure off of those end-of-month artificial deadlines. The monthly financial statements are printed at your convenience.

And since so much time is spent looking for answers in an accounting system ALERE has a search engine, called "Fetch", which you can use to to find information without going through multiple menus and screens. For example, finding a sales order by a customer's PO number is only one click away no matter where you are in ALERE.

Then there are 'Activity Tabs" on all major processes like sales orders. These tabs track the life cycle of an order from quote, to order, through shipping and invoicing, all the way to receiving payments. They tie all the events together and allow you see the entire work flow from beginning to end.

Document management is an intergral function of ALERE. Hyperlinks tie together word documents, drawings, pictures, etc into one related file throughout program.

ALERE modules range from the core accounting functions to data acquistion for sales and warehouse management; multi-currency for international operations; InTouch CRM for keeping in contact with customers, suppliers and prospects; analytics to help you understand what drives your company; and distribution resource planning.

Introduced in ALERE Accounting v7.2, the Mobility Module provides the opportunity to access your company sales, purchases and contact information using a smart phone or tablet device via the Cloud using the ALERE InTouch mobile app. The ALERE Mobility Module provides company and contact information, order status, call sheets and maps. All are accessible while you are away from your computer at the office!

A key aspect of the Mobility Module is its ability to play a big role in your company as a tool for web site development. The same engine that publishes and maintains sales data in the Cloud can be used to both publish and keep updated ALERE data in the Cloud in a MySQL format. 

ALERE is sold and serviced by a network of hundreds of Authorized Dealers.

Nationwide Technical Seminars help introduce your staff to ALERE and provide inexpensive recurrent training. Call today for a Dealer near you.

If you would like to see ALERE for yourself, a trial package can be downloaded or you call us at 610.258.5161 x 717 and ask for a Free Trial Package. We will be happy to send one to you.


With 45 minutes you can see an overview of the major features and the technology driving ALERE Accounting from the comfort of your own computer!



These videos illustrate how to use various functions in ALERE Accounting - a great way to learn the software!

This page has been recently started and more videos will be added every week!


Here are the top ten reasons you should consider choosing ALERE Accounting for your business!



Read about each module and review key screens. Download PDF's of the information.



There are many key features that make ALERE Accounting truly unique. They are all in a white paper in PDF format!

Read the Paper


Most often the big, flashy features garner all the attention. That is too bad because it is the details that make a system work!

Top Ten Details


Ease the transition from QuickBooks to ALERE Accounting with a free conversion program for your static data!

Conversion Info

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