ALERE Accounting HTML Manual


Current Version v11.0   04/19/17

Download Manual Glossary Function

The current ALERE HTML manual is contained in a zip file with updates that need to be made to ALERE. A text file with instructions is included in the zip file. The General Patch, dated 4/14/17, must be installed first.

The zip file may be downloaded by selecting the button above.

It is approximately 47.7MB in size.

Please note that Internet Explorer v4.0 or higher is required to view the manual.


Note - If you opened this page from the link in the manual, then you will need to close the manual before the downloaded manual can be saved.


Note - If you are running Windows and receive a message that the file cannot be viewed when you try to start the manual, then follow these instructions to correct the issue. Click here .....


If you receive the following message, then follow the unblocking instructions below.


Navigation Cancelled


Unblocking Manual

If you are downloading the manual you will probably need to unblock it before it can be viewed.

  1. Right click on the aleremanual.chm file and select Properties.

  2. Select the Unblock checkbox at the bottom of the screen and click the Apply button.

  3. Exit the screen and double left click on aleremanual.chm. It should start.

Glossary Function

This information only applies if you are installing the manual by itself without the ALERE program.

The HTML manual incorporates a Glossary. Among other functions, the glossary supports expanding hotspot definitions. Words or phrases in red and underlined will display a definition when you click on them.

In order for the glossary to work a special file (named HHActiveX.DLL) needs to be registered on each of your workstations. This file is automatically installed during the program installation process. However, if you are downloading the manual for review on a machine that does not have ALERE installed, then the following information will help you download and install it:

1. Download the file.

2. Copy HHActiveX.DLL into the same folder as the ALERE manual.

3. To register, click the Windows Start button.

4. Select Run.

5. In Open, enter the following:


regsvr32 <path> hhactivex.dll (specify the path of the HHActiveX.DLL)


6. Click Ok.


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