The standard package includes 5 concurrent users. Additional 5 users licenses may be added.

Adding users does not affect software maintenance costs.

New, or start-up, companies may find the ALERE two user version an attractive alternative. It has all the power, with less up front costs.

Out of the box, ALERE comes with Client Server and LAN platforms.

You choose which to use.

Both use one code source, are written in sequel, and work well with terminal services.

Software maintenance is optional and very affordable because it is based on the number of modules you have, not the number of users.

Among the benefits are technical support and all new releases.

Yes, it can.

Two conversion programs are available at no cost. The two methods are Static and Dynamic.

The Static program brings over "fixed" data, like company and inventory information. Minimal experience is required to perform the data transfer.

The Dynamic conversion program converts everything, including transactional data. It is more challenging because the source data frequently contains errors and duplicates, which requires an experienced individual to review and correct.

In both cases TIW can provide data conversion services. Contact us for information.

There are many differences but perhaps the most notable is that ALERE is a modern real-time system. Among other things, that means that period closing are automatic. You will never have to do another.

The principal division of one of the world's largest companies uses ALERE.

An average ALERE company falls in the $5 to $50 million revenue size.

ALERE is often selected an used by growing companies that are looking for an ERP package which will expand with them well into the future.

Key differences from traditional ERP solutions:
* Designed based on concepts for better integration

* Mobile-friendliness with support for enterprise content management
* True real-time software with automatic period closings

* A complete solution with CRM, document management and much more

* Affordable costing - much less than other alternatives

The ALERE HTML manual has field level support and instructional videos.

The manual can be installed for each user and is periodically updated. 

TIW Technology, Inc. is in its 34th year of serving companies like yours.