ALERE Accounting v7.3 Released! ALERE Manufacturing v10.0 Released!

October 1, 2015

This release is easily twice the size previous versions over the last few years!

Collaborative Order Approval Rules are designed to provide a structured approach to the approval process. These user-defined rules can be tailored for each type of Sales and Purchases Order to meet the level of control you wish to achieve.

Consignment Orders are designed to transfer and replenish inventory to a consignment location being maintained for a customerís use.

Price Contracts act as an extension to pricing rules. It is a contract between you and a customer that consists of a negotiated price list that has an expiration date, at which time it may be renegotiated or cancelled.

Multiple Location Payments allow a single customer payment to be distributed to receivables from multiple customer locations.

A general purpose Report Generator has been added for creating financial reports.

General Ledger Journal Notes may be added to each individual transaction on a general ledger journal entry. Furthermore, document management has been expanded to include these notes by allowing a hyperlink to be inserted into the note fields.

Report Preview Toolbar allows email to be sent from the report screen (which includes changing the format); pictures, hyperlinks and files can be added to it; receipts can be requested; the message can be marked as priority; HTML or Plain Text email bodies and generating HTML outputs can be sent; multiple pages can be displayed; a specific page can be found; the report can be saved as an image, PDF, MS-Word, Excel, or HTML file and much more.

A Credit Memo or Return Order can be created directly from the lines on an invoice. This function provides superior control by providing a complete audit trail that is visible on the Activity tabs of the Invoice, Credit Memo and Return Order.


New Features Brochure in PDF

Press Release for ALERE v7.3

February 5, 2015 - Client Server and LAN Together!

Now you can choose to run Client/Server or LAN with v10.0. Both platforms are included on the installation CD.

One outcome of introducing C/S is that significant speed enhancements are readily apparent for complex Plan Module processes when v10.0 is linked with ALERE Accounting.

Automate the process of making recommended changes to work orders using the new Order Push/Pull screen!

Auto-assign finished good serial numbers based on the serial number issued from inventory using Inheritance work orders!

Assigning materials to routes has become easier with a new process that allows mutiple items to assigned to one operation at a time!

The user defined route fields have be redesigned to the standard ALERE miscellaneous fields!

Demonstration videos that visually illustrate how progam functions are accomplished have been incorporated as hyperlinks into the HTML manual! Just click on the green DEMO button!

These are just a few of the many enhancements added to ALERE Manufacturing!

New Features Brochure in PDF

Client/Server Setup White Paper


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