ALERE Accounting v7.2 Shipping! Data Acquisition v2.6 New Feature!

January 31, 2014 - InTouch CRM & Mobility Module!

The big news for this release is the introduction of InTouch CRM, a completely integrated contact manager for ALERE Accounting.

 Sharing the news is the Mobility Module which manages the ALERE interface to mobile devices through the Cloud. It supports your web development by controlling which ALERE data is uploaded for your HTML program use and keeps it synchronized.

The first and most noticable change in v7.2 is the menu bar. It has been reorganzied to show the core modules, including InTouch, along with a new menu bar choice called "Extensions", which provides access to the remaining modules including the Mobility Module.

Sales teams can now be defined and limit sales data and reports to only the team members.

Test for on-hand stock availability for orders and automatically select those orders that can be fully shipped!

These are just a few of the many enhancements added to ALERE Accounting!


New Features Brochure in PDF

InTouch Brochure in PDF

Mobility Brochure in PDF

January 31, 2014 - Released with Accounting v7.2!

A new data acquisition script, “LCL2” was added to the product.

This script automatically posts an ALERE Manufacturing operation start (OS) transaction with a labor cycle login and prompts for an “IP” quantity on logout.

The Data Acquisition product is released and automatically installed with each new version of ALERE Accounting or Manufacturing.

DAQ, as it is called, is compatible with both products.


Data Acquisition Brochure in PDF

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