ALERE Manufacturing v9.7 Released! ALERE Accounting v7.2 Shipping!

May 2, 2014 - One Button Work Order Processing!

In a single step, Work Order Processing allows a work order to be created, firm planned, have labor, material and overhead posted to it, the finished goods moved to inventory and completes the work order!

The Route Update function provides you with a way to easily ensure that the Master Route operation times are kept accurate based on the actual work orders using those routes.

Using a BOM and the lead time assigned to an item in inventory, the Lead Time Rollup function will provide you with an estimate of the required lead time to manufacturer one or 100 of an item.

The Material Shortage Report is designed to provide you with a way to examine how the material requirements for each work order are being filled and which items may be short and require your attention.

Reconcile your WIP account to the General Ledger with the WIP GL Balances Report.

These are just a few of the many enhancements added to ALERE Manufacturing!

New Features Brochure in PDF

January 31, 2014 - InTouch CRM & Mobility Module!

The big news for this release is the introduction of InTouch CRM, a completely integrated contact manager for ALERE Accounting.

 Sharing the news is the Mobility Module which manages the ALERE interface to mobile devices through the Cloud. It supports your web development by controlling which ALERE data is uploaded for your HTML program use and keeps it synchronized.

The first and most noticable change in v7.2 is the menu bar. It has been reorganzied to show the core modules, including InTouch, along with a new menu bar choice called "Extensions", which provides access to the remaining modules including the Mobility Module.

Sales teams can now be defined and limit sales data and reports to only the team members.

Test for on-hand stock availability for orders and automatically select those orders that can be fully shipped!

These are just a few of the many enhancements added to ALERE Accounting!


New Features Brochure in PDF

InTouch Brochure in PDF

Mobility Brochure in PDF

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