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Riata CRM is a customizable contact management solution for your fast-paced sales and service business. Riata CRM interfaces directly with ALERE, sharing information seamlessly. Customers entered into Riata are added directly to the ALERE tables and are immediately available to both programs.

In Riata, you can view important sales information, print orders/bids/invoices, view purchasing and payment history and even see account balances and credit limits without switching between programs! Riata CRM relieves the stress of tracking and organizing customer information by putting everything you need at your fingertips!

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TIW chooses to use Riata linked to ALERE to meet our internal CRM requirements.

Riata RF Inventory Management System - Use wireless technology to scan and enter inventory data into ALERE Accounting tables in real time. Modules include Purchase Order Receiving and Returns, Physical Inventory Utilities, Inventory Issues, Transfers and Receipts, Sales Order Picking/Shipping and Returns, Item Inquiry and Inventory Tagging.

For ALERE Manufacturing you can scan work in process and finished goods data in real time. Modules include manufacturing picking and completion.

Auto Shutdown - Clears a user from the ALERE Accounting or Manufacturing software after a period of idle time, as determined by the system administrator.

ALERE Credit Card Processing - Gives you the power to authorize or charge a credit card during sales order or invoice entry.

UPS Worldship Link - Posts UPS shipping costs to ALERE invoices and looks up UPS tracking numbers of invoiced shipments.

Laser Print Check MICR - Prints checks on blank check stock from one or multiple checking accounts.

General Ledger Entries Importer - Import thousands of your general ledger entries into ALERE Accounting tables in seconds.

Chart of Accounts Import - Create your chart of accounts in an Excel spreadsheet, convert to a *.CSV file and then import into an empty chart of accounts in ALERE. Data is verified against Segments, Ranges, etc.

Accounts Payable Verification Audit - Verify accounts payable "batches" according to user entry login dates and times.

Credit Memo Alert - Creates an alert during order entry that a credit memo exists for the customer and provides the user with the option to apply the credit to the pending order.

Customer Delivery Report - Measures delivery time performance for each item on a sales order. The report is organized in Excel. The report can be organized for one or more customers by date range.

Supplier Audit - Track supplier performance against rejected shipments and delivery times. This report tracks line items from a purchase order and displays results in Excel. This is a valuable audit for ISO on-time delivery and quality control reporting.

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