ALERE Business Applications

ERP software to support your company's growth
Accounting - CRM - Manufacturing - Service - Mobility - Analytics - Document Management - Data Acquisition

Thousands of businesses have come to rely on ERP, accounting, CRM, manufacturing, data acquisition, and mobility solutions from TIW Technology. Companies choose ALERE with the confidence of TIW's more than thirty-five-year track record and a proven reputation for integrity and service excellence in the marketplace.  

ALERE Business Applications is a single-source solution with all the tools to grow from a small manufacturer to a Fortune 100 company. ALERE ERP delivers a quality first solution that will exceed the expectations of your company!


“JX Nippon Mining & Metals needed a solution that could meet the needs of our fast moving manufacturing environment. We reviewed the combined Accounting and Manufacturing software from ALERE along with several other competing software products. We decided that ALERE Accounting and ALERE Manufacturing were the best fit for us. The parts of ALERE software that we like most are: the traceability between transactions, product costing and the ability to integrate ALERE with other software we use. The implementation team was very responsive to our needs and provided us with software customizations and customized reports. These customizations allowed us to continue to do the things that make our organization great without having to change our processes to match the software. We have been using ALERE for over 3 years and have been extremely satisfied with our software choice.”

“It was hard to find a package like TIW. It almost seemed like they made it for us. The support I get from TIW - I don't even have another company I can compare it to in any field. They are fantastic!”

“The reason we chose TIW back in the early 90's was that we needed a package that suited our needs based on a low volume-high mix manufacturing environment. What is so appealing about their product is the MRP engine they use. It allows us to do forecast sharing with our suppliers. We have a wholly integrated single TIW solution.”

Kokatat upgraded a legacy business system 15 years ago and chose ALERE. The product has matured over the years and Development has kept pace with the changing and growing needs of our business. Key modules have been added over time making the product extremely feature rich, able to adapt to business processes, while retaining the flexibility that is the hallmark of the ALERE product.

The pricing has always been fair. The level of technical support that customers receive is unparalleled in the industry – everything from email/phone support, to assisting on how to implement a new business process into the ALERE system, to actually looking at live data to help troubleshoot an issue. Working with a Valued Added Reseller (VAR), ALERE can be customized and tailored to fit business needs. I value the development tools and the ability to customize reports, menus, screens and code.

TIW has been a valued partner over the past 15 years and the ALERE product has been an integral part of our business success.

“I believe the software should work for us. Not us working for the software. Really happy with ALERE because it is really stable, really reliable, and they are constantly upgrading the capabilities. And they are extremely responsive.”

What Problems can ALERE Solve?

Learn how ALERE was used to eliminate legacy systems and data silos while dramatically improving the financial reporting, inventory management, and manufacturing control for a multinational manufacturer of electrochemical and optical water quality sensors, chemical solutions, and accessories. 

AlpHa Measurements Solutions Case Study

Companies appreciate how modestly priced ALERE is both to purchase and to maintain. In addition, ALERE requires little support once installed and implemented. Developed 100% in-house by our own staff, ALERE requires no special hardware for a basic installation and will scale up to run on Client/Server and terminal services platforms.

A strong development program results in regular releases of new versions of ALERE. Customizations using the TIW Developer's Kit minimize the effort of moving to a new release, drastically lowering the cost of ownership and preserves your investment. An HTML Help manual has support down to the field level for the user. A library of instructional videos is embedded within the manual and readily available through the website.


Created and maintained by TIW's development team to insure the highest levels of integration and integrity!


The cornerstone of ALERE is its broad range and depth of accounting features that make it extremely appealing to a wide variety of businesses. The full range of sales, receivables, purchases, payables, inventory and general ledger is exquisitely incorporated. Native functionality includes automatic period closings, extensive inventory traceability, warehouse support, drop shipping, email automation, document management, analytics, multi-currency, robust sales commissions, and credit card processing.


The discrete manufacturer will find a wealth of tools to help control production including transaction-based work orders; routing; costing; BOMs consisting of Component, Modular, Variable, Phantom, and Kits all supporting 25 indented levels; and finite forward/backward scheduling! Advanced bucketless or bucketed MRP with push/pull is supported. Even preventative maintenance scheduling is built into the backbone of the software.


The Service product is eminently suitable for everything from industrial services, conditional inspections and reporting, through event planning, The product will handle the generation, scheduling and execution of all types of service work. The elements that comprise the service work can be defined along with an overview of each customer site where the work is to be performed. Warranty, testing activities, and recurring work under service plans are all supported. A graphical dispatch board is employed for service ticket scheduling.

Supporting a field service operation? Then take a moment to look at our tablet-based Service App.

InTouch CRM

InTouch manages prospects, customers and suppliers, as both companies and individually as contacts with ease. You can create and execute email and direct mail campaigns with it. Use InTouch to write quotes for prospects and smoothly turn them into orders. Enjoy two-way links with Outlook or independently manage standalone appointments and tasks. Use smart phone apps to access customer information or create your own!

Data Acquisition

Track and report manufacturing processes with handheld or wedge scanners. Quickly and accurately scan items for sales orders, for shipping and receiving inventory, for doing physical inventory counts, and for time and attendance! Even stock inquiries, printing labels, and increasing or decreasing inventory becomes a snap! All done in real-time.


Create single purpose apps with online links with laptops and tablets. Use them for a whole host of activities, such as placing orders, collecting information, and doing detailed inquiries. Publish and maintain information in the Cloud for apps on smart phones and to support your company's Enterprise Content Management objectives.

A Path forward for SBT/Sage Pro and VisionPoint Clients

ALERE offers a path for companies looking for a SBT VisionPoint replacement or Pro Series replacement. These venerable packages have reached their end of life and are no longer supported. ALERE offers a conversion program that can bring over static and dynamic data while providing a significant upgrade to a modern platform for SBT users.