Cibao Meat Products has a tradition of making quality sausage products and providing excellent service making them favorites of the Hispanic community in the Washington Heights area in the city of New York.

Ocho Rios® International distributes a wide array of specialty foods from two locales: Miami, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. Select quality products are also available through wholesalers in the USA, UK, the Caribbean and Australia. The tradition of Ocho Rios® brings innovation to the kitchen table, like the enriching flavor of green pigeon peas with coconut milk, Combo™ or Jerk Curry® seasonings. Today’s culinary delights are now as close as your nearest supermarket, neighborhood grocery store or bodega.

The Raymond-Hadley Corp. is a 100 year old custom blending and private label packaging company specializing in baking and dry ingredient mixes. Dedicated Gluten-Free manufacturing space and specialty mix formulation available. Raymond-Hadley has worked with many grocers to create private brands and takes great pride in its history of helping other small businesses develop ethnic and niche market products, and its commitment to delivering delicious products with a higher margin.

We start with high-quality nutmeats and roast them to their peak. Superior Nut Company serves a broad base of customers in the retail, wholesale, dairy, confection, baking and food service business. Quality, reliability and customer service make Superior Nut Company stand out from the rest.

La Autentica Foods Inc. products have been carefully formulated to meet the ever growing demand for real Hispanic food products in the United States. Our team continues to work hard to keep our products as authentic as possible as if you were in Mexico eating a Grand Ma dish, as our slogan states: “It doesn't get more Authentic than Us!” 

Galaxy Desserts founded in 1998 with a passion for creating innovative gourmet desserts and pastries of the highest quality. They continue to lead the food industry in producing French-inspired, all-natural, handcrafted indulgences. They do all the crafting, baking, freezing and packaging themselves.