Safety Equipment

At SpanSet, safety takes top priority when it concerns the protection of a person's life, the lifting of heavy loads or the transportation of goods. They offer professional and fully developed solutions for safe lifting, material handling and working at heights through high-quality products, our expertise and services. Products include fall protection, lifting, cargo control, and safety management.

Since 1930, Bar-Ray Products has been a leader in the development and manufacturing of personal radiation protection products. Our product line includes a full-range of personal radiation protection garments, including standard weight, lightweight and lightweight lead-free radiation protection products, X-ray barriers, airport screening curtains and inspection machines and much more.

Douglas Pads are designed specifically to enhance a player's performance through superior protection, non-restricted mobility and comfort. As a leader in protective equipment technology and holder of numerous U.S. patents, Douglas continues to strive for total customer satisfaction by making customer service first.