Technical Seminars will help get your ALERE installation started on the right foot!

“Very well presented and explained with step-by-step instructions. This is a great experience for new users to the system. Instructor answered all questions thoroughly.”

“Instructor very knowledgeable on all modules and answered questions in a way that made it easy to understand.”

“Lots of great information. I feel like I have a much better understanding of the system now.”

“I have learned a great deal, more than I expected. Thanks so much.”

“Very thorough overview of the ALERE system and suitable for a beginner user without much MRP experience”

“I always learn something new everytime I come.”

“The accounting really brought all the logic together. The instructor's explanations helped me get past the fear of the unknown and figure out how to proceed. I now know how powerful the system is.”

“I learned a lot and took in some very good information. I now can go back and use ALERE to the best of my knowledge! I also can now show people within my company how to better use ALERE. Thank you for everything!”

"I liked that it wasn't just point and click but really showed all the available functions in ALERE. It helped to understand the jargon having past ERP experience. I really like that the related reports are found within the related modules.”

“Instructor demonstrated the system well. Very knowledeable on the product and how to utilize it in certain ways. Very capable of handling questions and keeping the class moving forward.”

“It was my first seminar with ALERE. Honestly, the instructor was excellent. He helped me out with some issues, explaining how to solve them. I am very satisfied with the seminar - very professional and the attention is very good.”

“Class was extremelly helpful in understanding how to use ALERE as well as tips to be more efficient.”