Concepts provide unifying ideas upon which features may be developed


Having true real-time ERP software offers capabilities that permit a more robust business environment that offer functions a batch system can never match. Real-time never interrupts a day with a period closing because they are automatic. Real-time is transaction based so you can see an inventory valuation for any day in any year!

Multiple Document Interface

See multiple sales orders at the same time. Without closing a screen, look up information in inventory and purchases. Then open the InTouch CRM to reference a phone number for a client. Move among the screens with a click and arrange them like you would files on your desk. Smooth. Effortless. Efficient.

Document Management

Native document management makes it efficient to use and does not require tedious indexing. Embed links quickly in any of the thousands of notes fields throughout ALERE and integrate documents, images, and any scanned data. Turn your ERP system into a worldwide Enterprise Content Management package.


Hyperlinks provide a backbone for document management, retaining and sharing company knowledge, auditing support, integration of images, and world-wide field service support. 


More than 50% of a person's time in a business is spent looking for something. ALERE browsers will search for anything including a description. You can even leave the browser open to take a closer look at individual items on the list. Arrange the columns in any order and even sort them with a click! Print any browser! 

Pending Documents

Entering an order, having to discard it when it cannot be completed, then having to reenter it all over again at a later time is a real waste of time. ALERE permits sales and purchase documents to be saved in a pending state so you can come back to them later.