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Fundamental characteristics that should be expected of advanced ERP

Browser Functionality

Retrieves, presents and traverses information resources

More than 50% of a person's time in a business is spent looking for something. Browsers should be able to search for anything including a description.

Browser Persistence

Detailed examination of a list

Leave a browser list open while taking a closer look at individual items on that list.

Multiple Document Interface (MDI)

Opening independent windows to handle unrelated tasks at same time

Leave what you are doing on the screen and look up something else in a different area of the software. An analogy would be having multiple available files open on your desk.


What it means and its applications

Having real-time ERP software makes a number of highly desirable functions available to make work more efficient.

Document Management

Store, manage & retrieve a wide variety on electronic data

ALERE includes a built-in document management system that will save your company from purchasing one and contribute to its efficiency in a number of different ways.


Integrate external information into an ERP system

Hyperlinks provides a backbone for document management, retaining and sharing company knowledge, auditing support, integration of images, and world-wide field service support.

Single Point Entry

Only enter a company once

Enter a company only once into ALERE then choose how you do business with them as your relationship matures. Avoid having to enter their information multiple times just because they start as a prospect and become both a customer and a supplier as time goes by.