Concepts provide unifying ideas upon which features may be developed

Single Point Entry

Enter a company into ALERE and never have to enter the same information again. Choose how you do business with them as your relationship matures. Turn a credit memo into a payable with a click of the button. Offset a receivable against a payable. A company you buy from can also be a company you sell to without entering another record!

Chart of Accounts

Graphically create, organize, and manage your Chart of Accounts on one screen! Major segments are numerical while minor segments are alphanumeric to permit easy identification. Drill down directly from the COA all the way to a specific general ledger transaction! As an example a PDF of an actual bill can be found in four easy clicks! A tremendous tool to use for auditing purposes.


Speed up and increase the accuracy of your sales order desk with a sales order configurator. It will allow a generic part number to start the process, and a finished good part number and price to be assigned automatically when all the options are chosen! Design kits to select the parts and quantities to match the job! Use only one part number for any item requiring a variable number, length, weight, etc.!

Pending Documents

Entering an order, having to discard it when it cannot be completed, then having to reenter it all over again at a later time is a real waste of time. ALERE permits sales and purchase documents to be saved in a pending state so you can come back to them later.

Multiple Line Types

One document may perform what has traditionally required separate expensive and time consuming functions! As an example the lines on a sales order can place items on order, accept returns, and credit a customer's account. This allows you to condense the number of documents into one for faster and more efficient processing! Complete traceability is retained with all processing handled by ALERE!

Physical Inventory

Keep inventory accurate using real-time ALERE data acquisition! The tedious requirement of freezing inventory for manual counting, while bringing your business to a halt, is no longer necessary. Scanning an item will instantly capture the counted quantity and its current inventory balance. The result is only the DIFFERENCE between those numbers is posted which is not affected by issues or receipts. The result is faster physical inventory, that supports spot counting, and does not interrupt shipping and receiving!