Concepts provide unifying ideas upon which features may be developed

Multiple BOM Types

Multiple types of bills of material bring a level of capability and flexibility unmatched, at any price, to manufacturing planning! Component, Modular, Alternate, Phantom, Variable, and Kit type bills each have unique characteristics that will significantly save valuable engineering time, reduce errors, open up new design and production opportunities, and save money by reducing inventory stocking errors! These BOM types make ALERE the industry leader for manufacturing software!

Advanced BOM Structures

The capabilities of the ALERE BOM allow it to solve specific challenges over a wide range of vertical manufacturers. This advanced functionality includes Variable Phantom bills, Adjustable Raw Material bills, and Two-Dimensional Formula bills.

Each of these advanced BOM functions offers significant improvements to manufacturing processes that can be beneficial to your business. And they are only found in ALERE!

Modifiable Work Orders

Revise the route for a work order and edit the material list with it without starting over in ALERE. You can even update a work order when changes are made to the originating bill of material. Maximum flexibility with minimum effort make the manufacturing process easier!

Repair Traceable Items

Could your company use the ability to easily receive a serial numbered or lot numbered item, issue it to a work order for repair or upgrade, and then return it to the customer under the original ID and never lose traceability? This seemingly difficult, hard-to-find, potentially expensive function is a standard feature in ALERE!