Store, manage and retrieve a wide variety of information to help run your business more efficiently!

Built in to the Backbone of ALERE

Document management is integrated into ALERE, saving your company tens of thousands of dollars by not having to purchase a third-party package!

More than Documents

ALERE document management encompasses more than storing and retrieving electronic documents, Photographs, videos, CAD drawings, Material Safety Data Sheets, hyperlinks to sites in the Cloud, and any other type of electronic information can be stored.

No Tedious Indexing

Information is automatically indexed by inserting hyperlinks into any note or memo field located throughout ALERE with a simple right-click. Simply place the links where you will use them. For example, a PDF of a bill can be linked to a payables entry or a CAD drawing to a bill of material.

Knowledge Management

Retaining organizational knowledge has become increasingly important. The know-how can be stored as a video and tied to an operation step on a route to train operators on how to perform a complex set-up for a job. This is just one of the many uses of document management.

Audit Support

Hyperlinking support information and documents to general ledger transactions will take the work and pain out of providing an audit trail.