User eNotes - July 2018

Presidents Comments
Rod Hatcher
Work is progressing on our next release which will be known as v14.0. The new Service module is entering the Alpha testing phase where it will be evaluated for functionality and its man/machine interface. There are a number of new features already in place for v14.0 that we will discuss in upcoming eNotes.

Progress is also being made on adding new ALERE instructional videos and updating the older ones. At last count there are now a total of seventy one videos with twenty six remaining to be refurbished. These videos are anywhere from three to six minutes long, completely narrated, and contain closed captioning. They have all been created using Camtasia software for smoother graphics that closely match the actual operation of ALERE.

You may notice that some of the video links in the HTML Manual are no longer operable due to the updates. We will address this in our next release of the manual. The videos can be found by going to, selecting the Clients menu option and clicking on Instructional Videos. Do you have a video that you would particularly like to see? Drop us an email at and let us know.
Understanding Commission Baseline
One of the options when setting up a Sales Rep Definition is setting a Baseline . A baseline is the amount of sales revenue that must be generated before a sales rep becomes eligible to receive a commission.

Baseline is Frequency dependent or commission periods for example, yearly, quarterly, monthly, etc. The Baseline amount applies to each period. So a sales rep with a monthly frequency and a baseline amount of $10,000 must have that amount in sales each month before earning a commission.

You can control whether or not some or the entire baseline is include in the commission by using a Sales Revenue tier. Set the first tier to start at zero dollars to include the baseline amount. Set it higher to partially or fully exclude the amount.
FoxyPreviewer Tech Tip
The ubiquitous FoxyPreviewer that is used in ALERE to export reports has a little secret to specifying an export path.

Entering a path on the Configurations screen Output tab requires "\\" between the drive letter and the rest of the path.
This tip is necessary due to a quirk in the FoxyPreviewer. We anticipate that the release of ALERE v14.0 will negate the usefulness of this tip.
Screen Grid Ad hoc Reporting
In the last release of ALERE an easy to overlook feature was added that allows the exporting of screen grid data to Excel. Yes, you read that correctly. On any screen, simply right-clicking on the grid below the last populated line and answering “Yes” will send the information to an Excel file.
The location of the file will be in the folder specified on the Company Defaults – Defaults Paths tab for the Import/Export Path (Excel, Text, etc.) field. In the next release of ALERE you will be able to control the location and name of the file being created.

One little trick to keep in mind is that virtually all grids can be organized by placing your mouse cursor over the title of a column and clicking. The grid will then be sorted on the information in that column. Clicking again will reverse sort it.

A suggested use for this ad hoc reporting is printing out the history of an invoice from the Activity tab. We are sure you will think of many more uses for this adroit little feature.
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TIW's next Technical Seminars in Easton, PA will be held in October.

The Manufacturing Seminar will be held October 22nd and 23rd.

The Accounting Seminar will be held October 24th through 26th.
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