User eNotes - August 2018
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Rod Hatcher
While the Service product is in the limelight of the upcoming v14.0 release, there are a plethora of new features that should appeal to our clients. Heading the list is the UPS interface that will provide tracking, costing and label creation. Next is an improvement to AP Cash Payments which now has a Correct button similar to AR Cash Receipts, will allow the application of prepayments from one location to another, and the payment of multiple locations’ payables with one check! Items in inventory have received an active/inactive check box. InTouch can now utilize calendar appointments and tasks without a link to Outlook. More options have been added to MRP, Order Push/Pull , and Costed BOMs.

These are just a few of the dozens of new capabilities that are in v14.0. This will be a release that you will want to make sure to plan on upgrading to!

Real-Time Accounting: Closing a Period

ALERE Accounting is fast approaching the twenty year milestone, and it is still virtually unmatched in the manner in which it handles a period closing. The usual approach is describing it as having no period closings. That description makes it easy to understand but is technically inaccurate. ALERE’s closings are properly explained as AUTOMATIC, meaning the user has no required list of activities to perform when transitioning from one period to the next.

The implications of that statement and the burden it removes from a company are immeasurable. In personal terms, it is like having a car that never needs to stop at a gas station again. Ever.
Consequently, closing a year means that only a single transaction is required to zero out revenue and expenses, and transfer the difference to retained earnings. Closing a year does not matter when it is done. Remember that car and gas analogy? It also does not require tires again either.

Do you take for granted automatic period closings? Remember when you had a batch system and the process that was necessary at the end of each month? Here is a little reminder: Five years ago a company switched to ALERE. They were paying approximately $3,000 a month for an outside accountant to close each period on their batch system. A couple of months after moving to ALERE they were paying zero each month. The math is 60 months times $3,000 equals $180,000 in that five year period. Actually, on second thought, it is kind of nice to take automatic period closings for granted!
Service Site Information
Service Site
The upcoming Service product is made up of several key elements, one of which is the ability to build an overview of a company’s site information. This is a high end service software function that supports multiple company locations, each with its own list of serviceable units that may have independent warranty terms and service schedules. These sites, or locations, are supported by eight miscellaneous fields that are definable by the user.

A service unit is assigned its own ID, a description, and tracks three key pieces of information which include the next service date, the next service type and the last date it was serviced. Service units are individually supported by images and a history of activities associated with them. Up to three service schedules can be defined for each unit and include the type of service and frequency for each. Recurring service tickets can be generated to support ongoing service requirements.

The ability to support site information will appeal to you if you are a service contractor that specializes in complex facilities management and/or the maintenance of factory production equipment.
Bill of Lading
A Bill of Lading is considered a legal document that accompanies a shipment and details the items being carried, the quantity, and their destination. It also serves as a shipping receipt when the items are delivered and requires the signatures of the shipper, carrier, and customer.

The Bill of Lading is a new report in the upcoming v14.0 release that will be found under the Sales module in the Processing reports section. Supporting the report is a new global code, called Bill of Lading Notes (BLN), which allows various disclaimer notes to be created to meet the requirements of the many possible shipping destinations. One of notes may then be selected and added to the report when the Bill of Lading report is printed.

The Bill of Lading may use one of two report forms. One details the items being shipped and the other is used to manually add the list of items and quantities.

Look for this report in the new release.
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