User eNotes - September 2018
Presidents Comments
Rod Hatcher
We release a new version of ALERE approximately once a year. Our next release will mark our entry into the Service market. Service is a broad area which nowadays is not considered separate from products. Unlike goods, services represent an intangible, meaning that it does not have a physical presence. Services cannot be stored, saved, returned or resold once they have been used. For many companies service is a natural, complementary extension of their products. Manufactured products may require periodic maintenance, inspection and repair.

For other companies, their product is their service. Commercial equipment rental, site and equipment inspections, and event planning are but three examples. Like manufacturing, personnel scheduling, material planning, process steps, resources, activities and tests results are all part of the management challenge.

The new suite of ALERE service products are designed to meet the unique challenges of business and commercial service jobs.
In a Different Light
Global Codes seem like a mundane function without lots of flash. However, in a different light they are quite amazing!

Screen tools will easily modify captions but involve programming and you might conclude that is all Global Codes does, albeit a little easier. Look a little closer to fully understand what Global Codes offer. First, they do the obvious: easily renaming titles on miscellaneous fields.

Second, where applicable, they allow different field types to be set: character, date, numeric, and memo. As a character field it can operate as a multiple choice question. Predefined choices can be entered in the Remarks field and when double clicked on, the field acts as a combo box where an answer or choice can be selected.

Third, set as a date field it automatically pop-ups a calendar where a date can be selected.
Fourth, when set as a numeric field, you can choose that it be formatted in 0 to 6 decimals and it automatically pop-ups a calculator.

Fifth, when it is set as memo field, large quantities of text can be entered and/or combined with hyperlinks to fulfill document management functions. The notes can be time stamped with a simple click of a button.

Sixth, when used as an email, message pipes can be embedded that will allow the text in emails to be merged with key document information such as order numbers, and document names. Additionally HTML can be included that allows formatting of the messages to extend control over fonts, artwork, and signatures.

In this light, global codes are a way of embedding a programming toolkit that provides a broad range of functionality without a user having to do any coding. It is automatically upgrade-able because it is table driven! And, instead of the codes being scattered all over the product, they are easily located under one single menu option!
Faster is Better
Every company seeks to accomplish work in the shortest time with the least keystrokes. That being the case, a number of new functions in ALERE v14.0 will be welcome additions to fulfilling that goal.

To start with, adding a new sales or purchase order received a shortcut. Instead of left clicking on the Add button, simply right clicking will automatically add an order of the current type by bypassing the Add New Order screen.

The selection and setting of a password type for multiple rights can be mass changed with a new Set button.

Items in inventory can be easily removed from use by check marking an Active/Inactive checkbox.
Transfer orders can be created from a purchase order to instantly move received inventory to another location.

A Copy button on the Purchase Order screen will allow copying one document type to another document type.

On the InTouch Company Profile Orders tab, clicking on the Amount column in in the grid will display the balance remaining for applicable order types.

A new On Hand button on the Mass Picking screen will check mark all orders that can be shipped fully.

These are just a few examples of ways v14.0 will offer shortcuts and help speed up processes!
Don't Forget about Fetch!
How many times have you heard us say that people spend half their time looking for something? Fetch is a way of quickly locating documents or information within ALERE without interrupting anything else that is being done. It is easily available from the right hand side of ribbon menu bar. Since ALERE v11, when accounting and manufacturing were merged into one menu, Fetch has become even more important and more powerful.

Fetch automatically personalizes itself for each user by learning what they look for most often. Those searches then work their way to the top of the search list. Each user can also select which searches are most relevant to them and “pin” them to the top of the list by clicking on the red push pin.

When a search produces multiple choices, they are presented on a browser where the correct one can be chosen or the outcome turned into an ad hoc report by right clicking on the grid after the last choice and exporting the list to Excel or using the print button to print it.
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