User eNotes - November 2018
Presidents Comments
Rod Hatcher
I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Of course that means we are only weeks away from a new year. I can tell because of the webinars that are being advertised to help you prepare for your year-end closings. Plus there is the consulting being offered to properly understand the closing sequence to minimize downtime at your business while the software is churning away.

Sadly, we will not be offering any of those seminars for ALERE. Happily, it is because you don’t need them! You will have to add 2019 fiscal periods, if you have not already, by clicking a single key. And, this is a big one; you will have to click another key to close the year. Of course you can do that whenever you want to. Whenever you get around to it, no pressure, no rush. It is good to have a real, real-time system isn’t it? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Holiday Closure Dates
The TIW offices will be closed on Monday, December 24th and Tuesday, December 25th. Then again on December 31st and January 1st.

From our staff to yours, we wish you a joyous holiday season.
Kits and Super Kits
A kit is a prepackaged group of parts to repair or build something. For example, a bag of O-rings, gaskets, and springs are used to rebuild a carburetor, or a Ziploc bag of bolts, washers, and blind nuts are used to assemble a bookcase.

In ALERE, a kit is a single-level bill of material defined as a Kit type BOM. When a kit is on a sales order and is shipped, ALERE performs a unique process. It checks to see if the kit is in stock. If it is, it ships it. If the kit is not, or there is an insufficient quantity, then it will automatically issue the components, place the required number of kits in stock, and then ship them.

A super kit takes the process a step further. It allows you to choose which components go into the kit and in what quantities. Any components that have a quantity of zero are not included in the kit. This is an amazing function, with many applications, as it literally allows kits to be constructed on-the-fly!
Queued Prospect Quotes
What does a business need to know about the quotes they do for prospects? Do they need a list of quotes created this past month? How about which quotes are going to expire this week? Or maybe the total value of the quotes for the past seven days?

A new report, named Queued Prospect Quotes , has been added to the InTouch module to help manage quotes for prospects and answer these questions, and many others, to help companies receive the most value for their time invested in preparing quotes.

Filters allow you to drill down and find information on the report by:

  • Looking for the volume and total dollars of quotes by prospect.
  • Using a range of dates to show those quotes that have been newly created or created within a specified time period.
  • Knowing which quotes will expire and when.
  • Tracking quotes issued by different company locations to measure their contributions.
  • Finding quote productivity by sales representative.
  • Determining which payment terms are in demand.

Options allow the line items on a quote to be included and organize the report by customer, order number, item number, or expiration date.

The Queued Prospect Quotes report should be an invaluable tool to help manage potential business.
Technical Seminars - Your Source of Training
TIW's next Technical Seminars in Easton, PA will be held in January.

The Manufacturing Seminar will be held January 7th and 8th.

The Accounting Seminar will be held January 9th through 11th.
Invest in yourself and keep your knowledge of ALERE up to date!
Make your reservations now at Technical Seminar Reservations or by calling Chris at 610-258-5161 x 105. Current users on SMAs have certificates that entitle them to a free seat in a seminar.

Send employees to recurring training to educate them on how to use the new features in a just released version. Use it as comprehensive training for new additions to your staff to familiarize them with the capabilities of ALERE. Don't let that free seminar seat go to waste!
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