User eNotes - January 2019
Presidents Comments
Rod Hatcher
Version 14.0 of ALERE has been available for about a month now and with it the new Service product. The New Features brochure lists the majority of the more than seventy enhancements, but if you are like me, the eyes glaze over after the first two pages. So we have scheduled two one hour webinars to give you an opportunity to see the majority of the most important changes. .

Both the webinars will cover the same material but two were scheduled to try and give you more than one chance to attend. Of course you are welcome to see them both if you like. You will find details below.

One new feature in v14.0 is worth mentioning: the Tax Nexus report. It may be important if your company does business in multiple states and you find yourself subject to sales tax collection. The report will show, state by state, the invoice total and the number of transactions, as this seems to be the criteria the states are setting to determine if you have to pay the sales tax.

Join us for the v14.0 features review if you can.
Circular BOMs
A circular BOM, also sometimes called a recursive bill of material, is a bill of material where an item has been defined as a component of itself in some level of the bill structure.

The primary concern with constructing a BOM in this manner, and why we recommend against creating one, is that a circular BOM will cause the MRP system to enter an infinite planning loop. The same issue will also occur when attempting to cost a circular BOM.
Circular BOM Warning
ALERE contains safeguards against circular BOMs, warning users when the Plan or Costed Rollup process is run that there is a circular BOM present in the bill's structure. ALERE will then present a set of possible BOM's, which may contain a problematic bill to allow the user to troubleshoot.
Bill of Lading
Shipping Dock
Printing a Bill of Lading has always been a challenge due to the wide variety of disclaimer notes that need to be included. Couple that with using a form layout that includes a list of items or a form layout that allows the list of items to be manually entered and meeting the needs of any particular situation becomes a software nightmare. With ALERE v14.0 a solution has been found to easily meet the wide variety of requirements for Bills of Lading.

It starts by creating a Global Code for Bills of Lading that permits an unlimited number disclaimer notes to be created and assigned separate codes. The report then has an option to select which Bill of Lading global code to print on it.

Another report option allows you to choose creating the list of items taken from a sales document type and number or manually entering the items to be included on the report.

The result is a printed Bill of Lading document that is infinitely flexible: an elegant solution to a difficult form to create.
Technical Seminars - Your Source of Training
TIW's next Technical Seminars in Easton, PA will be held in April.

The Manufacturing Seminar will be held April 8th and 9th.

The Accounting Seminar will be held April 10th through 12th.
Invest in yourself and keep your knowledge of ALERE up to date!

Make your reservations now at Technical Seminar Reservations or by calling Chris at 610-258-5161 x 105. Current users on SMAs have certificates that entitle them to a free seat in a seminar.

Send employees to recurring training to educate them on how to use the new features in a just released version. Use it as comprehensive training for new additions to your staff to familiarize them with the capabilities of ALERE. Don't let that free seminar seat go to waste!
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