User eNotes - April 2019
Presidents Comments
Rod Hatcher
Development is working on ALERE v15.0 for (hopefully) a summer release. Yes, I know that v14.0 was released January, 2019. However, v15.0 has a couple of really big features that many of you may not want to wait for!

The Service Single Purpose App (SPA) is a companion to the Service product. It will allow real-time processing of a service ticket on a cloud connected tablet in the field, including a customer signature and the automatic emailing of the invoice. This will be available at a price point - not at a hundred thousand dollars, or even ten thousand dollars - but will be included as part of the Mobility module. There is nothing comparable in the marketplace!

And wait to you see what we have accomplished with document management! It has graduated to sophisticated Content Management! Document tabs are automatically added to Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Manufacturing Orders and Service tickets when the InTouch module is present. The Document tab will facilitate the storage of digital files at a granular level, and support the searching and manipulation of those files.

I will discuss many other features to be found in the upcoming v15.0 in the upcoming releases of User eNotes.
Managing Backorders
The percentage of items backordered and the number of backorder days are important measures of the quality of a company's customer service and the effectiveness of its inventory management. An unfilled customer order means that the customer will be left waiting for the order.

In v14.0 a new option was introduced that enhances ALERE’s management of back order processes.
Include backorders
The Order (Sales) report, found in the Sales module under Process in Reports, has a new option called Back Orders Only. This combo box provides a way of seeing those orders with back orders and only the back orders.
Multiple Location Payable
If your company has a supplier with multiple locations which you purchase from, then you may find that you receive invoices from each of the individual locations. Of course your company can pay each invoice separately but sometimes it may be easier to consolidate the invoices and send the entire payment to just one supplier location using a single check.

Multiple Location Payable
In ALERE this can be accomplished on the AP/Cash Payments screen by first entering the company and the location where the payment will be sent. Then mark the Include Multiple Locations checkbox. This will refresh the grid to show a list of all invoices from the supplier’s locations. You can examine the details of each invoice by double clicking on it.

Select the invoices to be paid when ready and print the check. The invoices will be summarized on the check attachment. You just became more efficient!
Order Creation Shortcut
There are some among us whose seemingly only purpose in life is to squeeze every possible keystroke out of life. They worship a deity called “Shortcut”. If you happen to know someone who is a follower of that religion, then here is way to help appease them.

Open Prospect Quotes
In the current version of ALERE, v14.0, if you hover your mouse cursor over the Add button on most sales or purchase documents a tool tip will appear. The normal left click will display a new order screen where one can choose from a list of orders that can be created. That in itself is a shortcut. However, a right click will skip this screen and create a new order of the same type that is displayed.

Another potential keystroke saved!
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The Accounting Seminar will be held July 24th through 26th.
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