User eNotes - May 2019
Presidents Comments
Rod Hatcher
A general patch for ALERE v14.0 was recently released. It was the third such patch and is cumulative. That means that if you found no reason to install the first two but were looking to correct some minor problem resolved in the third patch, then you will only need to install this one as it contains corrections from the first two. Hence, the reason it is called “cumulative”. Included with the ZIP file containing the patch are installation instructions and a cumulative list of the issues addressed in all three general patches.

The upcoming v15.0 has forty plus new features, two of which we discussed in the April eNotes. Here are a couple more new features: Work orders will have a revision level and revision date similar to other order screens and the InTouch prospect quotes will have the same revision capabilities as sales type orders. Speaking of InTouch, work orders will be displayed on the Orders tab of a Company Profile screen complete with hyperlinks! Much, much more will be in v15.0!
Bank Transfers
Moving cash between bank accounts is a common occurrence. Recently added to Banking Actions in v14.0, the Transfer option greatly eases the mechanics of the transfer.

Include backorders
Be sure to enter the correct account to reduce on the Bank Transactions screen and then select the Transfer radio button. Enter a reference if desired and an amount.

Choosing the Post button will display the GJ Journal Entry screen already showing the account being credited. Enter the account that the monies are being moved to and the amount. The total amount may be spread over more than one account as long as the totals balance.

Press the Post button when you are ready to finalize the transfer. You may cancel the bank transaction any time before using the Post button.

Transfers will be included in the Bank Reconciliation process.
Service Mobile App
The new Service app will be released as part of the Mobility module in ALERE v15.0. It is designed for individual service personnel to use in the field to see a list of jobs they are to perform and the service tickets that accompany them.

Multiple Location Payable
The Service app will run on any device that can connect to a WI-FI using Terminal Services. The Terminal Services app may be downloaded from the Apple or Google store.

Each service person will use one ALERE seat when they are logged in.
ALERE v14 Patch 3
On May 23, 2019 TIW released ALERE v14 General Patch 03.

The patch comes in a ZIP folder named , approximately 1.91 MB in size. The ZIP file contains installation instructions and a list of the issues corrected. General Patch 03 is a cumulative patch.

The patch is also available on the TIW web site to be downloaded .

Should you have any questions about this update please contact our Technical Support.
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TIW's next Technical Seminars in Easton, PA will be held in July.

The Manufacturing Seminar will be held July 22nd and 23rd.

The Accounting Seminar will be held July 24th through 26th.
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