User eNotes - June 2019
Presidents Comments
Rod Hatcher
We are approaching the release of v15.0 and I thought it would be a good time to discuss the major new document management functionality it introduces. Hyperlinks have offered a one-to-one document management solution in ALERE for some time. In v15.0 a Document tab is added to many screens when InTouch is present. This tab allows a one-to-many environment that operates very similar to Microsoft Windows Explorer, and since it displays files as standard Windows defined icons, it is both easier and more intuitive to use.

The benefits it offers your company are many. All digital invoices from a supplier may be grouped in a folder, sorted and filtered by multiple different criteria. Similarly, correspondence, engineering data, drawings, etc. for a job can be grouped in a folder for a sales order. An inventory item can use the Documents tab to store Material Safety Data Sheets, drawings, specifications, pictures, videos, and any other digital data relevant to the item. For companies with multiple locations across the country or overseas, these documents become easily accessible for use on job sites and in manufacturing facilities.

You will find many and varied other uses within your organization for the enhanced document management feature.
Making Modifications
You made a decision to allow ALERE to be an integral part of your company. We appreciate that, and one of the things we do in return is to provide a product that protects your investment now and in the future. That future means that your company has the opportunity to update to new releases of ALERE and to bring your modifications along for little or no cost. However, and this is important, those modifications must be done using the methods and processes outlined in the ALERE Developer’s Kit.

We strongly advise that any modifications that you decide to undertake be carefully discussed with the person doing them to make sure they will be done under the auspices of ALERE. Not only will this ensure that your company can move modifications forward easily but the ALERE development methods have proven themselves to be a much more efficient way of coding.

There are three aspects to new releases that are important to your company. The first is obvious, taking advantage of new features and products. The second is keeping pace with technology changes. The third is less obvious: correcting issues that cannot be safely addressed in field patches and integrating those patches into new ALERE versions to maintain performance and integrity.

Being able to make modifications is often crucial. Being able to move to new releases and retain those changes protects your company’s future.
InTouch Enhancements
The InTouch module will see a considerable list of improvements and significant features added in the upcoming v15.0 release.

First and foremost is the introduction of the sophisticated Content Management System. When the InTouch module is present, a Documents tab is automatically added to:

  • The InTouch Company Profile and Prospect Profile screens
  • The Inventory Master screen
  • The Sales Orders screens
  • The Purchase Orders screens
  • The Service module  Site Information screen

New Quotes and Items tabs were added to the Prospect Profile screen to list the quotes and items quoted for each prospect.
Multiple Location Payable
The InTouch Prospect Quotes supports Revisions and Revision Dates set in the same manner as Sales type orders.

A Message ID and a Subject were added to the Mass Email/Mail List screen to allow pre-defined email subject and body from the Company Codes to be used as defaults for the email.
Customer Alerts
How often do you need to place a warning or message that everyone in your company can see concerning a customer? Maybe it deals with a shipping location change or how they pay. There could be hundreds of reasons that critical information needs to be shared when dealing with a client. In the upcoming ALERE V15.0 a convenient and easy to use Customer Alert messaging system will be available.
Open Prospect Quotes
Just add the message to the Customer or Company screen. Each time a sales type order is initiated or the customer information is accessed, the Alert will pop up and deliver its message! You can even choose who will receive these alerts!

Think of all the money you will save on sticky notes!
The Repeat Button
Sometimes good things are worth repeating, like reports.

How often do you exit a report, thinking that you are done, and suddenly remember you forgot to check a figure and have to run the report again? Many reports can have dozens of options to set, dates to remember, and conditions to enter. It can be a real challenge to get it all just right again!

Enter the Repeat button.
Open Prospect Quotes
ALERE tracks the last way report settings were used, by the individual user. Even if the software has been exited and it is the next day, it remembers.

So make your life easier. Remember to use the report Repeat button the next time you find you were a little too hasty when leaving a report!
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