User eNotes - July 2019
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Rod Hatcher
Within the next few weeks, v15.0 will be released. The New Features brochure for v15.0 will be available shortly from the TIW web site. There are fifty to sixty enhancements to ALERE in this release. Which brings us to a discussion: are those fifty to sixty features the only reason to keep your installation up-to-date?

The processes in ALERE rest on a framework, or architecture, which is constantly evolving to keep pace with the Microsoft environment. A stagnant architecture over time, from not upgrading while still moving to new hardware and with Microsoft updates, will possibly begin to show itself with connectivity and process speed issues.

Another challenge may be with some software issues that would involve undue risk with a field patch, that are being addressed by new versions. When a decision to not upgrade is made, it takes away the opportunity to address those issues.

You need to be the judge of when it makes sense to move your company to a new release. As we discussed, a delay of a couple years can mean more than perhaps missing literally hundreds of enhancements.
Configuration Usage
A unique aspect of ALERE is the ability to configure products to meet customer preferences. A single bill of material can be used to support tens, or even hundreds, of permutations of an item. This significantly reduces engineering time, inventory mistakes, and smooths the sales process.

So, in the upcoming ALERE v15.0 a new report, called Configuration Usage, has been introduced.
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This report is designed to provide you with information on how many ways an item was configured, the numbers built, and what features and options were chosen by customers. This information can be used to analyze the choices customers make, manage inventory levels, guide product development, suggest new features and options, and even set marketing priorities.

Combine the Configuration Usage report with the existing Option Usage report to reach a fuller understanding of product trends.
Forgotten Passwords
(1) People never forget their passwords.
(2) People sometimes forget their passwords.
(3) People always forget their passwords.

Which one of these statements is most likely to be true? If you chose number 1, you probably also believe everything you read on the internet. If you chose number 3, you are more pessimistic than I am, but not by much! The safe answer is number 2, sometimes they forget. The reality is it happens occasionally. When it happens to a user in ALERE, you need to know how reset the password.

A person who has access to all the user login information is needed to do the quick and easy job. They will start by going to File > Maintenance > Login Options and look up the user record.
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Check the box on the Reset to Blank option and save the record. That is it, all done. The next time the user starts ALERE they will receive a message that their password has expired and they will need to enter a new one. This little trick can also be used if someone simply wants to change their password.
The Done Button
The humble Done button. This dual use button is used for closing fully completed orders as well closing orders which are partially complete but whose lifecycle has reached its end. In the latter situation this would usually require some fiscal or inventory related gymnastics to accomplish; however, ALERE was built with a focus on day to day usability by real world organizations where these situations present themselves.

The Done button is available on all sales module documents, purchase order documents, service tickets, and work orders.

The button functions a slightly differently from document to document. However, in general:

  • In situations where a sales order document is manually marked done, ALERE will prompt the user to deallocate all the remaining inventory on the sales order which has not yet been shipped and invoiced.
  • For a sales invoice, ALERE will prompt the user to write off any remaining balance to a variance account, allowing users to easily close under invoices and track the variance.
  • For work orders, ALERE will prompt the user to either post the finished good quantity to inventory, and return unused material to stock, or post an XQ transaction to reduce the in-process quantity to zero.
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Bear in mind there are certain criteria which need to be met for each document prior to using the Done button such as:

  • For Sales Orders the invoices need to match the shipments prior to being closed.
  • On Sales Invoices the Done button may only be used when there is an unpaid balance.
  • On Payables, the button may only be used when there is no open amount.

The strategic use of the Done button assists organizations in keeping an unbroken order and invoice history while saving time and effort by not pitting the user against the ERP system to ensure correct GL and inventory postings.
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TIW's next Technical Seminars in Easton, PA will be held in October.

The Manufacturing Seminar will be held October 28th and 29th.

The Accounting Seminar will be held October 30th through November 1st.

Invest in yourself and keep your knowledge of ALERE up to date!

Make your reservations now at Technical Seminar Reservations or by calling Chris at 610-258-5161 x 105. Current users on SMAs have certificates that entitle them to a free seat in a seminar.

Send employees to recurring training to educate them on how to use the new features in a just released version. Use it as comprehensive training for new additions to your staff to familiarize them with the capabilities of ALERE. Don't let that free seminar seat go to waste!
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