User eNotes - September 2019
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Rod Hatcher
How do you manage information that is not generated by ALERE? For example, specifications sent to you from customers that are related to a sales order. Keeping that information readily at hand and making it easily available throughout your company can be challenging. It is even harder when your organization has multiple locations and people at those other locations need access to those documents.

This issue is called “Content Management” and ALERE offers a couple of solutions. The first solution provides a one-to-one connection, called a Hyperlink, between digital information and what it is to be connected to in ALERE.

Another way of managing content is when a many-to-one connection is required. Take that earlier example of specifications for a sales order. Let’s say it was accompanied by photographs and drawings. In that case a sales order folder can be created in a customer folder, the multiple digital documents placed in it, where it can be accessed from the sales order Document tab.
More information may be found in the ALERE HTML Manual under Overview > Document Management .
Where is an item used by a BOM?
A supplier notifies you that they are discontinuing an item you purchase from them and replacing it with another. You need to determine which BOM’s use that item, set an inactive date when the item will no longer be available, add the new item to the BOM’s, and enter the date it will become active. First you have to find which BOM’s use the item.

In v15.0 a Used button was added to the Inventory Item Master screen. Clicking on it will display a browser listing every BOM where the item is used as a component.
BOM where an item is used function
The Item Where Used browser provides three options. The first is to go directly to one of the BOM’s by choosing it and clicking on the Select button. The second is to print the list of BOM’s and the third is to send the list to an Excel file.

While there is a Where Used report available, the addition of the Used button provides a more direct and immediate way of managing inventory items that are used as components in bills of material. This helps keeping material planning accurate and ensures production is not interrupted when the old item is no longer available.
Work Order Revisions
Contrary to the way in which most manufacturing systems are designed, work orders in ALERE facilitate changes to material lists and routes to meet production conditions. Allowing changes make the work orders much more flexible but can introduce one major issue during the manufacturing process. Is the work order document on the floor up to date?

To address this question, work orders can track revision numbers and dates.
Work Order Revision Screen
Second, the serial numbers used are determined by the first serialized item issued to the order. So, in the case of the bikes, the derailleurs would need to be issued to the job before any other serialized material is issued.

This is a one-to-one relationship. The serial number of each finished good is based on the serialized item issued to it
Managing Prospect Quotes
A major challenge for many companies is handling sales quotes for prospects. Often, one or more quotes can go out to prospects as part of the effort to close that first sale and turn them into customers. The ALERE InTouch CRM module is designed to manage prospects and facilitate the creation of quotes for them.

There are several different reports dealing with prospect quotes, and recently the InTouch Prospect Profile screen had two new tabs added related to quotes.
Managing Prospect Quotes
The Quote tab provides a convenient listing of the different quotes for a particular prospect. The list can be filtered by the status of the quote and a date range of when it was created. Double left clicking on a quote will hyperlink you to the actual document.

The Items tab complements the Quotes tab by listing the individual items on the quotes. Pan-optic filtering can be done to look for certain items and quantities.

These two tabs place extensive amounts of information at your fingertips.
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