User eNotes - December 2020

Presidents Comments

Rod Hatcher
The last few issues of eNotes have focused on v16.0’s headliner new features and functions. For the last newsletter of 2020 I thought the topics should be on product tips that are not necessarily flashy but should have their moment in the spotlight. They can be found in the manual if your take the time to dig that deep.

New product releases for ALERE average approximately one per year. Each one represents a significant increase in capabilities. That pace has been maintained for a couple of decades, with no end in sight. TIW Development is already setting its sights on a slate of new and expanded features for the next release!

What that practically means to your company is that as you grow, ALERE will be there for you.

And with that closing thought, I wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and a safe and prosperous New Year!

Labels for Sales Documents

Sales orders, invoices, credits, etc. each have a Print button to make it convenient to output the document or information about the document, using several different methods, including emailing it.

One option is to print a label consisting of the contact name, company name, and company address
Print Sales Document Label
The label information is taken from the Ship To data on the document. For the label to print correctly it is important that each company location have a primary contact assigned to it.

If the primary contact for the shipping location is missing when you try to print the label, then you will receive an error message that says the LABELLIST has no records.

This is just a little tip to remember that the devil is always in the detail!

Minimizing Screens

ALERE Minimize Buttons
Screens in ALERE can be resized by grabbing an edge with your mouse and enlarging or shrinking it to meet your needs.

Clicking on the green bar at the top of the screen will permit moving it to a different location on your monitor. And finally, using the buttons on the top right of a screen we can employ the common windows functions to minimize or maximize screen size.

Right click sub-menu
Minimizing a screen produces a “thumbnail” that is automatically located out of the way. This can be a real convenience because ALERE supports opening multiple screens and your “desktop” can become quite cluttered.

Once in a while however, the tiny thumbnail refuses to be returned to its original size using the maximize button.

Should this happen to you, clicking on the ALERE icon, on the left hand side of the thumbnail, will display a menu. Choosing the Restore option will open the screen that was minimized.

This is just a product tip to solve a little, albeit annoying, problem.

Sales Team Limits

A Sales Team is a group of people who work together to represent your company in a certain market area and/or product line. ALERE will only allow members of the team access to the sales information for which they are responsible.

One common source of data is PDF files created by ALERE reports. By default they are stored in the location defined on the Default Paths tab of the Company Defaults screen.
Create Order PDF's in Company Document Path
A sales team can consist of up to twenty-members.

If you have multiple companies in ALERE for which that user is a sales team member, then you will need to set their Sales Access option and the Sales Team field by the individual company.

The sales information limitations become effective the next time they login.

Technical Seminars - Your Source of Training

Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, TIW is currently only offering custom training at this time.

Custom training offers a client driven, focused training approach which addresses the specific needs of your organization. At the same time it doubles as process consulting time, which can help to improve your organizational efficiency.

The one on one training may also be used to provide employees with recurrent training, which will assist them in making the most of both ALERE’s core and newest features. Alternatively, training may be scheduled as a comprehensive overview to familiarize new additions to your staff with the capabilities of ALERE.

Session require a two hours minimum commitment and may run for a maximum of four hours per day.

Schedule your company’s session by calling Chris at 610-258-5161 x105.

TIW’s online training resources are available 24/7 on demand through our website
TIW Technology, Inc. | Phone: 610.258.5161 | Fax: 610.258.6217