User eNotes - June 2021

Presidents Comments

Rod Hatcher
We are nearing the completion of our series of virtual Technical Training Seminars. The attendance at the live seminars has been outstanding. Numerous inquiries have been made asking when the videos will be made available online.

Right now we are working on reviewing and preparing the videos to be released. The library will consist of more than thirty hours of instruction. The password protected pages on the TIW web site have been created and are being tested. We expect to have the site released shortly after the conclusion of the live seminars.

Companies with current Software Maintenance Agreements (SMAs) will have access to the library of Technical Training Seminars. This should prove to be an invaluable source of ongoing training for your company.

eCommerce Item Attribute

An item in inventory can be assigned different attributes to define the characteristics, or roles, that it serves. Examples would be defining if it is a purchased item, whether it is manufactured, if it can be sold, etc. Each inventory item has eight attributes. The attributes can be dependent on how an item is defined. For instance, if lot ID’s or serial numbers are used, the item is assumed to have a Stocking attribute.
eCommerce attribute
The one attribute that is presently maintained automatically is the eCommece attribute. In ALERE v16, if an item has been created in Shopify, then the attribute is automatically checked. However, in the upcoming v17 of ALERE, the attribute will be used to signify that an item is to be automatically published and maintained in Shopify. This will remove the requirement for manually creating the item in Shopify.

This is just a little something to look forward to in the next release!

Payables with Best Discounts

Often businesses that operate on slim margins place a greater emphasis on taking advantage of purchase discounts as a way to supplement their profit. That means they must be hyper aware of invoice discount amounts and due dates. ALERE provides a simple way to identify and pay those invoices that have the best discounts to help businesses be successful.

Before checks can be printed, invoices must be approved. This takes place in Purchases on the Mass Payments screen, Approve to Pay tab.
PO Discount Tracking
This tab will list all the invoices that have been accepted but not released for payment. Clicking on the header of the Discount column will organize the invoice discount from lowest to highest. Clicking the header a second time will show the discounts from highest to lowest, thereby giving visibility to the invoices with the best discounts and the dates by which they need to be paid.

Once this information is made available, the company can select which invoices to approve for payment by clicking on the Pay button. These can be printed immediately on the Print Checks tab.

This approach provides a simple and quick way for a company to take advantage of those all-important discounts and maintain their profit margin

Routes vs BOMs

Over the years a question that arises repeatedly is “Why are ALERE’s Route and BOM modules separate?”

In almost every case the question is asked because the company probably has never encountered a manufacturing software product where they are separate. There are two reasons for that. The first is the product they are looking at offers minimal manufacturing support and was developed as an add-on, instead of a real solution, for the developer to sell their primary product. The market abounds with this type offering.
Route and BOM screens
The second reason is most manufacturing solutions have not been developed by companies with a manufacturing background and discipline. If they had, they would have followed the Association for Supply Chain Management (APICS) guidelines. Here, a BOM is defined as a listing of the assemblies and raw materials needed to produce one of an item. On the other hand, a route is defined as a set of information detailing the method of manufacturing a particular item.

Another way of look at it is a BOM could use one or more routes to make an item and a route could be used to produce different, but similar, BOM’s for items.

Routes and BOM’s serve very different purposes. Keeping them decoupled and only bringing them together on a work order offers the user flexibility that is otherwise unattainable.

Custom Training - Your Source of Training

Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, TIW is currently only offering custom training at this time.

Custom training offers a client driven, focused training approach which addresses the specific needs of your organization. At the same time it doubles as process consulting time, which can help to improve your organizational efficiency.

The one on one training may also be used to provide employees with recurrent training, which will assist them in making the most of both ALERE’s core and newest features. Alternatively, training may be scheduled as a comprehensive overview to familiarize new additions to your staff with the capabilities of ALERE.

Session require a two hours minimum commitment and may run for a maximum of four hours per day.

Schedule your company’s session by calling Chris at 610-258-5161 x105.

TIW’s online training resources are available 24/7 on demand through our website
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