ALERE Business Applications History

Product releases with major features since ALERE v11
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  • May 2023

    ALERE Business Applications v18.0

    * Added Intercompany Transfers
    * New sales order configuration screen
    * Added mass process function to the Job Quotes screen
    * Added the ability to generate an ACH payment file
    * Added lot notes to the Inventory Master
    * MRP now considers service and consignment orders in the demand planning process
    * Added FedEx API intergration
    * Added an Express Service Ticket function
    * Added support for Shopify Variants
    * New filter options on multiple reports and screens
    * Added the ability to auto add supplier part numbers when receiving purchase orders

  • May 2022

    ALERE Business Applications v17.0

    * Added Job Cost as an optional module
    * Rework of timeclock
    * Significant speed improvements for SQL versions of ALERE
    * Additional available to promise planning tools added to sales order
    * Report option preferences
    * Update of Shopify sync tools and interface
    * Work Order mass pick
    * MRP planning by item class
    * Service ticket barcoding
    * Multi-Material Issue (MM transaction) functionality added to service tickets
    * Additional browser search options

  • November, 2020

    ALERE Business Applications v16.0

    * Shopify integration
    * TaxJar links
    * Profit Analytics
    * Mass processing for Direct Debits
    * Sales Order balancing with Blanket Orders
    * Transfer Order Material Planning
    * Variable Phantom BOMs
    * Adjustable Raw Material BOMs
    * 2-Dimensional Formula BOMS
    * Operation Step emails
    * Resource editing for Service Orders
    * Excel to export choices

  • August 2019

    ALERE Business Applications v15.0

    * A tablet based service app for processing tickets in the field
    * Document management system expansion
    * Label generation for employee badges
    * Better support for foreign taxation
    * Customer priority alerts 
    * Revision for prospect quotes
    * Inventory item tooltips
    * Expanded Executive Advisor
    * Work order revisions
    * Where items are used on BOMs
    * Manufacturing overhead improvements
    * Automatic alternate substitution

  • January 2019

    ALERE Business Applications v14.0

    * Service product consisting of the Service and Dispatch modules
    * UPS integration for tracking, costing, and label creation 
    * Items in inventory can be individually marked active or inactive
    * Bill of Lading added to Sales module 
    * Tax Nexus report added 
    *Corrections can be made to AP Cash Payments 
    * Pay multiple locations with one payment or prepayment 
    * Standalone appointments and tasks for InTouch
    * Creation of transfer order from a purchase order to speed inventory transfers

  • November 2017

    ALERE Business Applications v12.0

    * A new Commissions module with greatly expanded ruleset creation and combination capabilities
    * A redesigned InTouch interface for the contact log and the ability to include emails sent via the automation process even when not linked to Outlook
    * Native credit card processing using 
    * Added Excel 64 bit compatibility and the export/import of workbooks even if Excel is not present 
    * Mass picking across multiple orders condensed into a single pick ticket for high volume order fulfillment environments 
    * HTML markup functionality into the body of the email message including control over fonts, artwork, and embedded signatures 
    * On-time work order report that calculates the percentage of the orders that were produced on time
    * Adhoc screen grid exports to Excel to quickly pull data out of the system 
    * Keyboard navigation shortcuts for the main ribbon menu have been added

  • January 2017

    ALERE Business Applications v11.0

    * With the release of v11.0, ALERE Accounting and ALERE Manufacturing have been combined as one product offering. This allows a greater ease of viewing and linking across all the ALERE modules
    * A new interface utilizes a ribbon menu in place of the traditional menu system to allow for easier access to various features of ALERE and provides touch screen support for mobile devices 
    * Fetch has been integrated into the ribbon to match where Windows 2016 places search functions
    * A new Login screen permits user login options to be viewed across multiple users concurrently 
    * Voiding a purchase order created from a blanket order now provides an option to return the quantity to be ordered to the blanket order, which will help prevent a situation where minimum quantities required for the blanket order are not met