ALERE Business Applications History

Last five years of product releases with major features
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  • November 29, 2017

    ALERE Business Applications  v12.0

    * A new Commissions module with greatly expanded ruleset creation and combination capabilities.
    * A redesigned InTouch inteface for the contact log and the ability to include emails sent via the automation process even when not linked to Outlook.
    * Native credit card processing using
    * Added Excel 64 bit compatibility and the export/import of workbooks even if Excel is not present.
    * Mass picking across multipe orders condensed into a single pick ticket for high volume order fulfillment environments.
    * HTML markup functionality into the body of the email message including control over fonts, artwork, and embedded signatures.
    * On-time work order report that calculates the percentage of the orders that were produced on time.
    * Adhoc screen grid exports to Excel to quickly pull data out of the system.
    * Keyboard navigation shortcuts for the main ribbon menu have been added.

  • January 2017

    ALERE Business Applications v11.0

    * With the release of v11.0, ALERE Accounting and ALERE Manufacturing have been combined as one product offering. This allows a greater ease of viewing and linking across all the ALERE modules.
    * A new interface utilizes a ribbon menu in place of the traditional menu system to allow for easier access to various features of ALERE and provides touch screen support for mobile devices.
    * Fetch has been integrated into the ribbon to match where Windows 2016 places search functions.
    * A new Login screen permits user login options to be viewed across multiple users concurrently.
    * Voiding a purchase order created from a blanket order now provides an option to return the quantity to be ordered to the blanket order, which will help prevent a situation where minimum quantities required for the blanket order are not met.

  • September 2015

    Accounting v7.3

    * Order Approval Rules provide a structured approach to the approval process.
    * The Consignment Order transfers and replenishes inventory to a consignment location being maintained for a customer’s use.
    * Price Contract is a contract between you and a customer that consists of a negotiated price list with an expiration date.
    * Multiple Location Payments allows a single customer payment to be distributed to receivables for multiple customer locations.
    * A general purpose report generator is added for creating financial reports.
    * A note may be added to each individual transaction on a general ledger journal entry.
    * The ability to create a Purchase Order directly from a Sales Order is added.

  • November 2014

    Manufacturing v10.0

    * Inheritance Work Orders auto-assign finished good serial numbers based on the serial numbers issued from inventory to the work order.
    * Push/Pull recommendations become automated to speed the process of making changes to work orders.
    * The process of assigning materials to routes is completely rewritten with a new screen and more capabilities.
    * There is new option for the automatic closing of operation steps when an IP transaction is posted.

  • January 2014

    Accounting v7.2

    * InTouch becomes the new integrated contact manager for ALERE.
    * The Mobility Module is introduced and enables data to be published and maintained in the Cloud.
    * The InTouch Call Sheet app for Android and Apple smart phones is released.
    * Default Company Templates speed the conversion of prospects into customers.  

  • August 2012

    Accounting v7.1

    * Insight into key company indicators and drive business planning with the new Analytics Module.
    * Archiving introduces the ability to periodically reduce the size of company data by moving it to a fully functional archived company.
    * System Lockout is a new tool allowing an administrator to log off users and lock the system or schedule a log off/lockout.
    * The various import tools in ALERE now support both Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.