Mobility provides access to ALERE with mobile devices to bring your company Enterprise Content Management capabilities!

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is an approach that takes data collected  by your company's ERP system and links it with data used to support business processes. The result is less time lost to searching for relevant information, less duplication of data, and a reduction or elimination of data not part of your ERP system.

Two forms of mobile access are offered to maximize flexibility:
( 1 ) Smartphone Apps (SA) connecting to data published to the Cloud
( 2 ) Single Purpose Apps (SPA) connecting to ALERE in real-time.

The Mobility module allows you to select which data to publish to the Cloud and keeps it synchronized.

Security, controlled by you, protects the data.

If you want to give your company the ability to remotely enter orders, distribute key data to technicians working in the field, and a host of other activities only limited by your imagination, then ALERE has it! 

Using Apps


Single purpose applications (SPA) allow real-time two-way communication between ALERE and a mobile device like a tablet or laptop.

The screen to the right is showing a sales order entry app running on a tablet. 

Using an SPA significantly simplifies the process which can be performed from virtually anywhere  an internet connection is found.

SPA's are a fast and low cost way to develop apps to meet virtually any requirement for mobile access to ALERE functions and related data.

The apps are protected by the ALERE security environment.


These type of apps are designed to run on smartphones which have a more constricted screen area and limited keyboard support. 

The picture to the left is showing the InTouch Call Sheet App which provides access to real-time company sales information via the Cloud making your ALERE InTouch contact manager, and all of its resources, always available!

With it you have company and contact information, order status, call sheets and maps - all accessible while you are away from your computer at the office! The data is maintained by the Mobility module and runs on Android or Apple. The Android app can be downloaded for free and Apple uses their web browser.

Smartphone  Apps (SA) work particularly well when distributing information not requiring interaction. The apps  have a modest cost to develop and can be done by anyone with experience writing apps.

The apps are protected by the ALERE security environment.


The Mobility module manages the ALERE interface to mobile devices through the Cloud. It supports your web development by controlling which ALERE data is uploaded for your HTML program use and keeps it synchronized.

Nowadays, almost every company has a web presence in the Cloud. It may consist of a web site, catalogs, and perhaps an online store. Web developers can capitalize on the Mobility module by using its facilities to both publish and keep updated ALERE data in the Cloud.

Specifying data to publish to the Cloud is as easy as setting the location to transfer the data to and then selecting the tables and fields that contain the information.