Entering an order, having to discard it when it cannot be completed, and then have to reenter it all over again at a later time is a real waste of time. ALERE permits sales and purchase documents to be saved in a pending state so you can come back to them later.

Don't Throw It Away

Twenty-five lines into entering a sales order and your customer is urgently called away. Think you have to throw the order away and start over when they are available again? Just mark the order as "Pending" and pick up where you left off when they return!

Wait for Freight Charges

In the process of entering a supplier invoice into payables you realize you are missing the freight charges. It will be a day or two before you have them. Mark the payable "Pending" and add the charges later when they are received!

Save for Review

Entering a journal entry for depreciation and have questions on the accounts to hit? Save the entry instead of posting it. Later look it up on the Pending Journal Entries screen when you have the answers and complete it!

Collect Orders

Start a purchase order for your company's office supply company and find out what everyone needs over the course of a few days by making it a "Pending" purchase order!

All Document Types

Any sales or purchase document plus general ledger journal transaction can be saved in a pending state! Smooth your work flow by using a concept called "Pending"!