ALERE is transaction-based software that performs it functions in real-time. That means automatic period closings and a number of capabilities not normally found in an ERP system.

Automatic Period Closings

Never have to do a period closing again. Financial reports can be printed at your convenience. Prior period postings trigger the reprinting of financial reports that may be affected. Year-end closings are done on your schedule, take only seconds, and may be reversed.

Financial Information

Since ALERE is transaction-based, profit and loss, revenues and expenses, accounts receivable and payables, and all other financial information are current as of the last keystroke.

As-Of Reporting

Inventory information can be recreated based on an as-of date. Income statements for any range of dates are available as are comparisons for any range of dates.

Material Planning

Synchronous manufacturing integrates MRP planning with production planning. The result is being able to know the date and time to deliver a list of material to a work center to meet the requirements of a job operation step.

Invoice Aging Dates

A returned payment check can reopen an invoice and preserve the original date on which aging is based. A voided payment to a vendor will do the same for a payable.

Data Collection Transactions

Bar code transactions are performed in real-time, supporting sales, inventory and manufacturing processes.