Repair/Upgrade Traceable Items

Receive and return items under the same serial number or lot number!
A Return Order starts the process

A return order specifies the item and its unique serial or lot number being received! Choose the inventory location to place it!

Customize Work Order
Edit the work order as necessary

Add or edit material for the repair or upgrade on-the-fly! Transactions keep track of additional material requirements, labor, and overhead!

Work Order
Use a rework order

Start a rework type work order and issue the item to it along with any expected material required!

Finished Goods
Return item to inventory

When work is completed, return the completed item to inventory for shipping back to the customer with its original serial or lot number!

Unlike virtually every package on the market, ALERE can easily receive, repair/upgrade, and return a serial/lot numbered item from a customer! A complete record of the work performed and cost is recorded. An easily viewable history is kept of the item to document each time it is serviced!