Service App

A tablet based app permitting service tickets to be processed in the field by service personnel. The Service App has a real time link to ALERE.
The app is available with the Mobility Module.

Companies that manage field service will want the advantages a service app will bring to them.

Using a tablet, each service person can see their scheduled activities and corresponding service tickets for the day. The information includes estimated distance between appointments. Their labor can be tracked, material issued, results gathered, and notes recorded.

At the conclusion of a job, a customer signature can be entered right on the tablet. Even the invoice can be auto-emailed to them. 

The Service App is modifiable to meet your company's specific requirements.

Would you like to browse through the pages that make up the Service App? Each screen included in the app is shown below.


Service personnel sign in to the Service App for real time links and the full protection of ALERE!

Day's Schedule

Each service technician receives a personalized list of their appointments for the day! Besides contact information, each job shows the approximate distance from the previous one!


Clicking on a job ticket displays an overview with pertinent details. The menu for the different parts of the service ticket is displayed in the left hand border.


A page shows the activities and tests that are to be performed and the results that are to be gathered! Miscellaneous fields are user customizable to fit your requirements!


Plenty of room for recording notes and descriptions of the site!


A material list keeps track of items that have been allocated to the job. It is easy to edit the list and add additional material that is required to get the job done!


Labor time is conveniently tracked for one or more service personnel! At different billing rates!


Special instructions guide, structure the work, and provide the support to help professionally see it through to completion!


Collect the customer's signature when the job is done!  Email the invoice right from your tablet or back in the office from ALERE!