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ALERE  Business Applications

ERP software to support your company's growth.
Accounting - CRM - Manufacturing - Mobility - Data  Acquisition

Thousands of businesses have come to rely on the ERP accounting, crm, manufacturing, data acquistion, and mobility solutions from TIW Technology. Companies choose ALERE with the confidence of TIW's more than thirty year track record and a proven reputation in the marketplace for integrity and service excellence. 

ALERE Business Applications is one product with all the tools to grow from a small manufacturer to a Fortune 100 company.  ALERE delivers a first-quality solution that will exceed the expectations of your company!


“I believe the software should work for us. Not us working for the software. Really happy with ALERE because it is really stable, really reliable, and they are constantly upgrading the capabilites. And they are extremely responsive.”

“It was hard to find a package like TIW. It almost seemed like they made it for us. The support I get from TIW - I don't even have another company I can compare it to in any field. They are fantastic!”

“The reason we chose TIW back in the early 90's was that we needed a package that suited our needs based on a low volume-high mix manufacturing enviroment. What is so appealing about their product is the MRP engine they use. It allows us to do forecast sharing with our suppliers. We have a wholly integrated single TIW solution.”

Companies appreciate how modestly priced ALERE is both to purchase and to maintain.

Developed 100% by our own staff, ALERE requires no special hardware and will easily run on LAN, Client/Server, and terminal services platforms.

A strong development program results in regular releases of new versions of ALERE. Customizations using the TIW Developer's Kit, can minimize the effort (if any) of moving to a new release. Preserving your investment.

An HTML Help manual has support down to the field level for the user. A library of instructional videos are embedded in the manual and available on the web site.

ALERE Business Applications

The core components of the software


Realtime Accounting for Better Control

The cornerstone of ALERE is its broad range and depth of accounting features that make it extremely appealing to a wide variety of businesses. Since day-to-day processes are important to running a company, the design focuses on making them as easy as possible.

InTouch CRM

Stay in Contact with Prospects

Manage prospects, customers and suppliers as both companies and contacts with ease. Write quotes for prospects that can be smoothly turned into orders. Enjoy two-way links with Outlook. Use smart phone apps to access customer information.


Easy Access to Data with Mobile Devices

Single purpose apps are the name of the game. Use them for a whole host of activities, including placing orders with smart devices. Publish and maintain information in the Cloud for apps on smart phones and to support your company's Enterprise Content Management objectives.


Advanced Material Planning and Scheduling

The discrete manufacturer will find a wealth of MRP and scheduling tools to help control production, including little items like Sychronous Manufacturing and configurable bills of material! Enjoy field service support and preventative maintenance scheduling which is built into the backbone of the software.

Data Acquisition

Integrated Bar Coding for faster Processing

Track and report manufacturing processes with handheld or wedge scanners. Quickly and accurately scan items for sales orders, for shipping and receiving inventory, for doing physical inventory counts, and for time and attendance! Even stock inquiries, printing labels, and increasing or decreasing inventory becomes a snap! All done in real-time.

ALERE offers a path for companies looking for a SBT VisionPoint replacement or Pro Series repacement. These venerable packages have reached their end of life and are no longer supported. ALERE offers a conversion program that can bring over static and dynamic data while providing a significant upgrade to a modern patform for SBT users.