Sales order configuration for order entry

Using Configuration

Even if they say they can do it, compare it to what ALERE offers!

Sales Order Configuration

The configurator reduces order entry time, increases accuracy, and will even allow a generic part number to start the process and a finished good part number and price to be assigned automatically when all options are chosen.

Modular Choices

Most every product has choices. Use modular BOMs to ask the question during order entry and then choose from a list of answers. The best part is that it is done automatically during entering an order and is always accurate!


Choose an option, and depending on the answer, have another set of choices presented. An example would be taking an order for a bicycle, asking if it is men's or women's, and then having two sets of color choices depending on the answer.

Variable Answers

Ask "How many?" when configuring an order! For example, "how many reflectors do you want on that bicycle?" Or maybe they are ordering a cable and you need to know the length.

Reduce Part Numbers

A custom computer cable consists of a female connector, a male connector and some length of wiring. You can provide it in inches from six inches to 50 feet. Those assemblies could require up to 594 unique part numbers or just one with a variable BOM!


A new sales person can instantly be an expert! Sales order configuration allows them to ask the questions with a list of the options. Best of all, they ask all the questions! They can even start the order with a generic part number, and when they are done, the correct part number is entered along with the right price!

Variable Kitting

Create a kit and leave the quantity for all or some of the components at zero. When the kit is required, enter the missing quantities for the items needed and leave the superfluous items at zero. The pick list will only list the components that have quantities.

Preconfigure Finished Goods

There may be 100 ways to make something but reality follows the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of the time only twenty percent of the configurations are ordered. Preconfigure those twenty percent and assign them item numbers. Now you can stock and order them by their item number!