Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Integrate barcodes and scanners into your daily processes with ALERE Data Acquisition!

DAQ helps organizations increase the velocity of entering and shipping items, receiving items, making inventory adjustments, performing physical inventory, posting manufacturing transactions, and tracking time & attendance.

DAQ gathers data via barcode scans during an interactive “prompt” process designed to guide operators through a workflow. The resultant data is pushed into ALERE in real-time, providing users with immediate reporting access.

Additional DAQ abilities include inventory and warehouse control queries such as item locations, available lot numbers, available serial numbers, and traits. These features enable better pick paths and more control over inventory allocations.

An advanced feature of the product is the ability to scan large numbers of items being entered on a sales order and total the number of each item on a single line instead of the one scan/one line method.
Finally, DAQ includes a scripting language that allows organizations to create scripted workflows that better suit their unique processes.