ALERE is ERP software designed to manage a company's financial, CRM, Manufacturing, Service, and Data Acquisition requirements. The initial and ongoing costs for ALERE are surprising affordable and well within the budget for even small operations.

ALERE is designed, first and foremost, with the user in mind. A great deal of effort is put into making complicated processes simple and straightforward while still providing feature sets that easily rival or exceed packages costing considerably more. 

ALERE provides all the tools that a company may need to manage their business from one vendor, TIW Technology, Inc. In addition, it includes many solutions that are commonly thought of as "add-ons", such as Document Management, Bar Coding, CRM, Analytics, Commissions, Multi-Currency, Mobility, and on and on. The point is that a company can grow with ALERE and never need to move to another package.

ALERE is at home on either LAN or SQL. Remote Terminal Services easily provides access to desktop and mobile devices.

Five users come with ALERE and may be expanded in increments of five. There are numerous companies running with well over 200 users.

Software Maintenance is optional but is all inclusive.  That means that Technical Support and new versions are included. Best of all, the cost is based on the number of modules purchased - not the number of users! That alone can save a company tens of thousands of dollars each year. Clients have found that there is so much value in the services provided by the SMA that more the majority elect to stay on Software Maintenance.

Yes. There is a Developer's Kit for modifications. Most importantly, customizations can be easily brought forward to new releases. This protects a company's investment by allowing them to remain current as product upgrades are released. In addition, TIW Development will provide fixed price quotes for companies that would prefer that the Factory perform the modification work.

TIW is entering its thirty-fifth year. ALERE was first released in 1990 as a manufacturing package. In 2001, ALERE Accounting was introduced. To date, thousands of companies of all sizes, including some of the largest in the world, have made the decision to use ALERE.

Yes it is. ALERE stands for Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue, and Expenses. The name describes the heart of accounting.

The ALERE manual is written in HTML, has both field level and video support, and is accessible to every user by clicking on the "?" on the screens. Individual pages may be easily printed; however, the total manual exceeds more than fifty thousand hyperlinked pages that defy printing in whole. Furthermore, the ALERE manual is being constantly upgraded and improved and is available for downloading from the TIW web site.

ALERE is available through a nation-wide Dealer channel that can provide consulting, training, and customization and implementation services. TIW can provide teams to handle an implementation on a fixed cost basis for companies that so desire.

For users that have spent years and years using the ubiquitous SBT (now Sage) products, ALERE offers no charge conversion programs that can do Static (fixed data like customers, suppliers and inventory) and Dynamic (transactional data) conversions. While the Dynamic type conversion frequently requires expert intervention, it nevertheless can handle 80% or better of the upgrade. For clients that would like experienced support TIW will provide fixed price quotes for the work.