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A wide range of support is available 

Technical Support

9am to 6pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday

Phone: 610-258-5161 x Dial 2

TIW offers technical support via telephone/Email for a period of one year from date of purchase or until the expiration date of current software maintenance agreement (SMA).

The technical support is designed to answer questions regarding how ALERE functions, what features are designed to do, discuss issues, and other detailed technical questions.

Explaining accounting and manufacturing processes and disciplines, training, installation, and systems hardware configuration are outside the scope of this support.

Factory Training

Instruction at TIW Easton, PA facilities

Learn how to setup and use the capabilities of ALERE by attending one of our seminars.

Accounting - 3 Day - $895
Manufacturing - 2 Day - $595

 These seminars are for the first time user or as a refresher course to bring you up to speed on the newest features and processes. This course:
goes through the procedure for installing the software and related utilities, steps you through the implementation sequence, e xplains how to use the features of this these advanced programs, and discusses the underlying concepts of the processes and why they are so important  to running and maintaining an ERP system.

Development - 3 Day - $1,495

 This seminar is designed for the advanced user who would like to understand how to use the powerful architecture of TIW to make customizations and add capabilities that are unique to their business. In the course you will learn: what makes a good modification strategy; how to use the many program hooks embedded throughout the TIW products; how to modify the menus; how to make report modifications and add new ones; how forms are organized and how to add and modify them; and how to make use of the many callable functions


Manufacturing - 07/30/18 to 07/31/18   
Accounting - 08/01/18 to 08/03/18 

Development - 10/11/18 to 10/13/18

Manufacturing - 10/22/18 to 10/23/18    
Accounting - 10/24/18 to 10/26/18

Classes are 9am - 5pm

Contact Chris Mohr at 610-258-5161 x 105 to make reservations, or use the Registration button and indicate the date(s) of the classes you would like to attend.


On-site or Webinar

Consulting and training services are available at your site or via a webinar.

Understanding ALERE concepts and how to develop best practices around them will help ensure a successful implementation.

Training groups of employees on specific work flow related to their functions can be a more efficient approach to learning ALERE and how to integrate it into a company when it is done on-site or using blocks of webinar time.

Contact Robert Mohr at 610-258-5161 x 112 to discuss details. Or use the button below to request a follow up.

Notifications and eNotes

Receive Newsletters and Key Alerts

As an ALERE client you are entitled to receive email notifications whenever there is essentail product activity. This includes a General Patch release; Help Manual updates; new Product versions, etc.

This service is done at no cost to you and requires only that it be requested using the form below.

Monthly ALERE eNotes are published. They include product use tips, discussions of new features, training information, client profiles, etc.

The newsletters are at no cost and merely require you to sign up.

Instructional Video

Brief demonstration videos

TIW provides a library of videos that are focused on demonstrating a particular function or process in ALERE.

Each video is narrated and kept brief and to the point.

Closed captioning is available as an option when speakers or a headphone are not a viable choice.

These are the same videos that are used throughout the Help Manual.

User Manual

A HTML giude to using ALERE

Current Version: v12.0
Dated: 04/03/18

This is current ALERE HTML manual. 

After downloading the manual, right click on aleremanual.chm, select Properties and check the unblock option.


Making ALERE Yours

Customizations services are offered by TIW, ranging from report changes to adding major custom functionality. All development work is done in-house.

Services include developing detailed specifications, programming, and follow-up adjustments.

Firm quotes and timetables are provided in advance.

Contact us with questions or requests.