Only enter it once in ALERE, the promise of computers fulfilled

Enter Only Once

Enter information for a company just once instead of once as a prospect, then as a customer, then when a refund is required, and so on. Add only the information required to support the different relationships. For example, where to send an invoice or a purchase order. 

Attributes Control Relationships

Select attributes to define a relationship with a company. Do you sell to them? Buy from them? Is it strictly a banking relationship? Change and add those attributes as necessary.

Better Integration

View a company based on a particular relationship. See them as a customer when selling to them. View them as a vendor when making purchases. Having a company entered only once allows credit memos to be readily coverted to a payable or sales invoices to be directly offset against a payments to a supplier.

Manage Future Changes

Convert prospects smoothly into customers with a single keystroke, and bring their quotes with them. Easily change from buying from a company to also selling to them when the relationship changes.