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ALERE Instructional Videos

These brief videos are designed to demonstrate a specific process or feature

Program FeaturesFileManagerSales
Help ManualReconcile BalancesProduct ClassEntering a Simple Sales Order
Dynamic Screen SizingUser LoginsAdding a New CompanyShipping a Simple Sales Order
Introduction to the BrowserFile Pack and ReindexSetting up an Approval GroupInvoice Payment with Correct Amount
Browser Persistence
Creating an Order Approval RulePricing Rules
Checking AccountsTesting a Pricing Rule
External Hyperlinks

Simple Payable InvoiceAdding an Item to InventoryConfigurationGL Distribution List
Mass PaymentsInventory Location Information
Document Management and COA

Inventory Images
GL Account Filter Rules

Using Serial Numbers

Assigning Serial Numbers

Entering a New ProspectCustomer AnalyticsAdding a Commission PeriodManaging Cloud Data
Finding a Company

Cloud Logins
Creating a Mass Email/Direct Mail Rule


Adding a Work OrderAdding a Labor GradeAdding a Master Route

Releasing a Work OrderUsing Costed RollupAdding an Item/Route Association

Editing a Work Order Material List
Assigning Material with BOM

Posting Transactions to a Work Order

Assigning Parent Lot/Serial Numbers

Assigning Lot/Serial Numbers Components to Parents

Completing a Work Order

Work Order Processing

Adding a Component Type BOMPlan OrdersAdding a Work CenterRunning the Trial Schedule
Indented BOMSGenerate Recommended Work OrdersDowntimeImplementing a Trail Schedule
Finished Good ConfigurationsGenerate Recommended Purchase Orders
View Schedule
Material OrdersUsing Order Push/Pull

Disassemble ItemSales Order Planning

Item MRP Planning